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Magnis Excerpt

   Magnis rubbed his hands together before shoving his fingers through his hair. He needed to find his mate before he turned into a freaking rampaging beast. The idea of dying because he couldn’t find his mate scared the shit out him. Every day he inched closer to his next birthday, the higher the odds grew of him losing every single thing. His skin crawled as the thought took root.

   "And you understand the fucking risk?" Magnis hissed. If he didn’t sit on the edge of insanity he would take the deal in a heartbeat. Desperate times called for quick action.

   "I understand if you don't claim your mate you’ll go mad soon, but I don't want you saying a woman here is your mate when she isn't." Stella placed her hands on her hips. "Like you tried to do to me."

   "I told you, I know you’re not mine." Magnis had a difficult time unclenching his jaw from all the anger rolling around under his skin. A crowd of dragons formed behind him and he didn't like being the odd man out. Maybe I should’ve brought a back-up man.

   "Well, that's the rule and you can't go back on your word about stopping the war." Stella pointed at him. He glared at her for a few moments before nodding once.

   "I give you my word and I swear on my dragon's breath I will keep it." Magnis rolled his shoulders then tipped his head up. His beast reared his head as a calming sensation washed over him. He turned around and scanned each dragon behind him but didn't see any women. Yet he knew somehow his mate watched the battle between Stella and Magnis. Told you she was here! His dragon wiggled around, almost dancing.

   "Fine. I will make the announcement in a minute." Stella nodded. He almost ignored her as he kept scanning for the one to complete him and calm his beast down.

   "Every unmated female, Stella," Magnis reminded her which earned him a glare. He didn’t give a shit about her anger as long as she held up her end of the bargain.

   "I will keep my word, Magnis." She pivoted and returned to the house. Phones rang around him as the clan was notified, probably about the deal he just made. Slowly, women filed out of homes and shuffled toward Magnis. He didn't look at them yet, he needed to make sure Stella kept her word and brought everyone out. Magnis had one shot to find his mate. He wouldn’t take the risk of looking now and Stella holding back his true mate. 

   Charlie strolled out of the main house, holding a little girl on her hip. She nodded to Magnis then walked to the right where a house stood next to the main building.

   "Ann, is Amanda in there?" Charlie called out. She glanced over at Magnis then focused on the door. The memory of meeting Charlie for the first time flitted through his mind. Darius had spilled the beans about her being pregnant and Magnis would never admit out loud to being slightly jealous of the middle brother.

   "I'm in here. What's going on?" A woman Magnis suspected was Amanda called back. Her voice came out almost like a song to his ears. Part of him wanted to move closer to hear it again but he stayed put. More dragons filed out of their homes and headed toward Magnis.

   "I need to ask you a favor," Charlie called out through the door which opened seconds later with Gerald's mother, Ann, standing in the doorway.

   "What on earth is he doing here?" Ann glared at Magnis who kept his features calm even though he wanted to flip the bitch off.

   "Magnis is here to offer peace with one exchange, all unmated females are to come out and meet him." Charlie adjusted the baby in her arms. The little child liked to move at such a young age. The idea of having kids intrigued and scared Magnis. He shoved down the thoughts as her voice filled his ears.

   "All right, I will come meet the alpha. He’s kind of hot," Amanda giggled. His cock twitched under his jeans. Could she really be it? Have I finally found my mate? His dragon wagged his tail like a freaking puppy.

   "He can probably hear you." Charlie shook her head. A gasp rang out shortly after. Magnis took a small step toward the little house. His beast bounded around inside his mind, making it difficult to focus.

   "Oh, shit," Amanda snickered and moved past Ann. Magnis's breath left his body. His dragon roared inside his mind.

   Mate! His dragon boomed then chanted the single word. Part of him wanted to drop to his knees and beg her to come with him. But he stood there watching her while making sure his mouth stayed closed. Slowly, Amanda strolled over with Charlie toward the other female dragons. Her brown hair swayed in the wind bringing her scent to him reminding him of lilacs. Magnis twisted his body to keep her within sight.

Copyright © 2017 by McKayla Schutt

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